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Why Do I Not Listen to Myself

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  “Why do I not listen to myself?”  Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has weird, crazy voices in their head, but those aren’t the ideas I am talking about when I say listen to myself.  I’m talking about the good things.  Why, when I tell myself, “it’s time to ride the exercise bike”, I decide not to.  Or when I tell myself, “you don’t need that second plate” I still go and eat that second plate?

If I could just actually listen to myself then I would be a far more healthier person.  Last week, or maybe two weeks ago, I don’t even remember now, I wrote a post about working from home once again and the benefits that were coming from it.  Earlier dinner times, cooking healthy meals, more time to exercise, and many other exciting things.  I am still doing these things, but they are becoming few and far between now.

My business is beginning to pick back up again, so I am once again working 8-10 hour days, which is perfectly fine.  I keep telling myself that I am going to wake up at 7 and exercise.  When I wake up at 7, I usually just go right back to bed or lay around until about 8, which is when I open up the Macbook and begin my day.

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to make yourself listen to…. yourself more often?  If you do, I’d really like to hear.

Thanks ya’ll and have a kick ass weekend!

Both JDRF Walks on Same Day

This is something that really irritates me.  In fact, it pisses me the eff off.  Where I live, I am in the middle of two JDRF chapters that are about 25 miles apart from each other.  The walks for these chapters are about 15-20 miles away from each other.  I have relationships with both chapters and would like to see both chapters to succeed.  For that reason, I planned on going to both walks for each chapter.

Well, guess what?  Both walks are on March 31, 2012.  Can you believe that?  Two JDRF walks within a short driving distance between each other are on the same exact day.  I would expect that JDRF and the ADA have some sort of event on the same day, because that usually always happens.  Or maybe, a walk in south Florida and another walk in north Florida that is about a 6-7 hour drive away, that is acceptable.

But having walks this close together?  Unacceptable.  Now, I am only able to help one chapter, as opposed to two.

I’ve sent an e-mail directly to JDRF President Jeffrey Brewer.  Hopefully this is something that doesn’t happen again.  I don’t want to hear any excuses of “scheduling issues”, because there is no way that the schedules were so screwed up that two walks had to be held on the same day.


Diabetes in Dunkin Donuts

About two years ago, I went into one of the Dunkin Donuts by my house and had a diabetes experience that sticks with me today.  *Side note, I say “one of” the Dunkin Donuts because in south Florida you cannot trip and fall without landing in a DD.  Anyway, when I went in there, my pump beeped so I pulled it out to hit the ACT button to get it to stop beeping.  The cashier said, “is that an insulin pump?”  I said, “sure is”.  We began to have a short conversation while I was waiting for my bagel.  Basically she told me that she was recently diagnosed with type 2 and that her doctor wants to put her on insulin, but she doesn’t want to give herself shots because she was too afraid.  I told her that she can’t be afraid and just have to conquer her fears to save her life.

I need more coffee
I need more coffee

Fast forward to today.  I have gone to that DD 100 times in the years since that occurrence happened, and I don’t think she remembered me.  Until we had another diabetes experience this morning.  I started to take my insulin while I was in line, trying to do that 15 minutes before meal time stuff.  Unfortunately, I got the annoying beep, not the ‘doot-do-doo’ beep that goes off when you have a low reservoir, but the loud, obnoxious no delivery beep.  So, I pulled the pump out to get the beeping to stop, and she noticed it again!  What are the chances of that?!?

Long story short, she has lost 20 pounds and doctor took her off insulin and she is now on a once a day pill and strict diet.  She quit smoking and hasn’t eaten fast food in over a year.  You don’t always get a lot of time to talk to cashiers at DD in the morning time, but when I do get a chance, this is what I love to hear.  Wish I could say the same to her, except I was ordering a large iced coffee, sausage and cheese english muffin, hash browns, and of course the Cupid Special heart shaped donut for Amanda.  At least I know she’s not part of the diabetes police.

Well, have a great Valentine’s Day.  Help boost the economy today!

Infusion Sets not Lasting Long

Lately, I have been going through infusion sets like it is my job.  I wish I was getting paid for this job though.  Normally I can keep an infusion set in for about 4-7 days before I start experiencing any weird effects or begin to think that maybe some insulin is leaking.  However, it’s been about 2-3 days at most before I can feel and smell it leaking.  I don’t know what it is lately, but it’s really starting to piss me off.

It’s a new year so my deductible is back in business again, so I really would prefer to not have to order supplies for a few months, but diabetes doesn’t really care about that does it?

I have been eating a little unhealthy lately, so the extra insulin could definitely be a factor, too much insulin to the same site too quickly.  My fridge died on me 2 weekends ago when I was camping.  I had a mini fridge to store things that needed to be cold, but the new fridge did not get delivered until yesterday after a bunch of nasty phone calls to Sears.  I didn’t go grocery shopping within that time period because I had nowhere to store all the cold food.  So, I have been eating out a lot over the last few days, not good.

The good news however, is that that fridge is here, and I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait to fill it with a bunch of veggies and healthy food.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend.

JDRF Walk in Boca Raton

It’s that time of the year again.  Time for the 3 local JDRF Walk’s in my area.  I typically make it to 2 out of the 3, but this year scheduling issues only allow for me to make it to one.  If you are reading this blog, than you don’t need to be told why it’s important for me to reach my goal.

I know that times are still tough for a lot of people, so I have decided to set the goal at $500 this year.  I set it at $1,000 last year, and I did not make the goal, so I want to make sure that I am setting goals that are challenging, but still able to be accomplished.

The link to my JDRF Donation Page is…well right there, you just skipped over it.  Go back a few words to the link.  It’s also on the right hand sidebar too.  If I can just get $1 from all my Facebook friends, Twitter followers, offline friends and family, I should easily be able to reach my goal.  I know that there are a lot of people out there doing walks and raising funds, so there is no hard feelings, trust me.  If I donated to every person that asked me, I’d be spending about $2,000 a year in donations, on top of what I already donate from my business.

Well, I appreciate any and all support and donations in advance.

Working at Home with Diabetes

You may remember last week I write about how I left my job at an interactive marketing agency to go back to running my own company full time.  There are a lot of risks that I have taken in doing so, but all risks that I am willing to deal with in order to reap the rewards.  One of the positive outcomes that I am already starting to see is better control of my diabetes.  Working at home with diabetes has become a lot easier for me than working away from home in an office.

First, all my supplies are right here.  There were plenty of times in the past when an infusion set fell out, and I forgot to pack a few extras in my bag and had to drive all the way back home.  Now, everything is either in the room I am working in or the next room over.  If an infusion set is bad or has fell out, no big deal, I have more right here with me.

The next diabetes related item that has improved is my eating habits.  I have been very strict with keeping a tight schedule while working at home and continue to have a lunch break from 12-1.  There is no more eating out because I “forgot my lunch at home.”  If there were no left overs from the night before, than I can simply spend the time to make a nice, healthy lunch as opposed to going out and grabbing a slice of pizza or a sub.  That is only lunch, dinner is an even better story.  Before, I wasn’t getting up until after 7 p.m. and I was always so tired to make a nice dinner.  Well, I typically end my day at 5:30 in order to start cooking dinner for when Amanda gets home from work.  We have been done eating and cleaning by 7 in the first week of doing this.

Next on the list of things that have been going better since I began working at home is the increase in exercise.  My exercise bike is 10 feet from my desk.  I have found myself just getting on the bike and riding for 30-45 minutes once a day.  There is no more excuses that I don’t have time to do it and that I am too tired to do it after I get home from work.  Starting tomorrow, I am actually going to begin riding the bike in the morning and get a good hour workout in before the day even gets started.

Finally, my blood sugars have been better because I am testing more, and honestly, I am just not as stressed out.  My blood sugars would get high throughout the day because I was so stressed at work.  Then, I would come home, and still have about another 4-6 hours worth of work to do and I wasn’t getting to bed until about 3 a.m.  This just was not good on my blood sugars at all.  I am also sleeping a lot better too.  I have gone to sleep by 11, almost everyday in this past week.  That is most likely due to change tonight, since I have a few deadlines for tomorrow.

Looks like the health reasons for going back to working from home and running my own company again are slowly taking shape.  The financial reasons, well, let’s just hope they stay on track as well.

Have a great night everybody.

Friends for Life 2012

This is going to be my second Friends for Life conference.  But, it is going to feel like the first.  The reason is because the first Friends for Life that I attended was about three years ago, but I had gone as a vendor.  I was able to attend a lot of different sessions and interact with a lot of other PWD’s anyway.  I was blown away by how amazing this event truly is.  So, now that I am going this year not as a vendor, but just someone with diabetes, I can’t wait.  I am also bringing my girlfriend Amanda.  This is going to be the first time that she is traveling with me for a diabetes related event.  She has gone to local JDRF walks and events, but never travelled to anything with this many people.  I am excited for her to meet all the wonderful people that I know and speak to, but also want her to talk to some of the spouses of PWD’s.

When I first heard about Children with Diabetes and Friends for Life I thought that it was a gathering for younger kids and more like a summer camp for kids.  After I attended and saw how many older people there were and how much interaction there was, it was amazing.  It’s also great to be there and try and talk to the young ones and let them know that they can’t be discouraged because they have diabetes, because they can still do things that they want to do.

So, this is me telling you, that you should attend Friends for Life.  I will mention one small negative about the event, is that it is during the July 4th holiday.  I typically do picnics and beach on July 4th, but this year I am going to celebrate it in Disney and see how that goes.  However, the first opening keynote is not until the morning of July 5th, so you can still be there for all of the sessions and be home for July 4th if that is a concern.

Please follow the links and get registered today! Children with Diabetes – Friends for Life 2012

Have a happy Blue Friday.





Five Reasons You Should Vote Cherise for a Shorty Award

Last night during #dsma, Bennet from Your Diabetes May Vary was very adamant about everybody voting for Cherise for a Shorty Award.  I do not blame him at all.  Let’s look at all the reasons why you should stop what you are doing right this second and go vote for Cherise.

  1. She is the nicest person you will ever meet.  I have never met somebody that has so much care for everybody around them like she does.  I can specifically remember a moment in San Diego when I first met Cherise and somebody was crying while talking about diabetes.  She left her chair, walked across the room and gave that person a hug.
  2. She is dedicated.  She is on time every Wednesday night for #dsma.  On time every Thursday night for #dsma live.  She has topics prepared for #dsma chats.  She is dedicated to the diabetes community and making sure that things are ready to be moved along.
  3. She started #dsma….. need I say more?
  4. She is willing to help with anything.  If you have an idea or want to try and get something started, you can go to her and she will be behind you and help you where she can.
  5. She’s an army wife.  That by itself is a totally badass part of her life.
Honestly, we can go on and on and on about how awesome and reasons for why you should vote for Cherise, but enough….. just go and do it.

Just click this link –

Some Pretty Damn Big Life Changes

Today is February 1, 2012.  Not only is today about flipping over those calendars to the next month and doing a drumroll before seeing what the next picture or phrase or which cheerleader is going to be on the next month (or am I the only one that does that?).  Today is a very serious day for me.  A day of change.

As some of you may know, I own my own business, CSI Marketing Solutions, LLC.  Also, as some of you may know, I have been working at an agency for about 18 months.  This digital agency is voted best place to work just about every year and received hundreds of other awards a year.  It truly is an amazing place to work.  However, I have had a few opportunities come up over the past few weeks or months that requires a lot more of my time.  So, I have made the decision, starting today, to go back to running my business full time.

Before making this decision, there were so many different things that went through my head.  How am I going to pay rent?  How am I going to make my car payment?  How can I afford anything?  And most importantly, how am I going to get health insurance?  Then I started playing the what-if game.  What if I don’t have enough clients and I don’t make enough money to pay my bills and then I lose everything I have.  A good friend of mine said, “ can’t play the what if game.  For every negative what if you come up with, there’s a positive what if on the other side. So you can go all night on the what if’s.”

I also felt that by making this decision to be able to make my own hours I can get more things in life accomplished.  For one, I can now go to the gym at lunch time or in the morning and begin to get back into shape and lose weight again.  Next, I no longer have an hour long commute each way, so I can be home earlier and I can eat dinner and be ready for bed earlier.  I can also spend more time being more involved in the DOC.

So, let me quickly get into the health insurance issue.  I am entitled to COBRA for 18 months, and the costs of it are about 1/3 of what I thought it was going to be, so I am extremely happy about that.

So, that is where I am.  Moral of the story?  If you want something, do it.  Stop thinking about it constantly and stressing about it and going back and forth.  Weigh your options, and make the best choice for yourself.