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1,000 Down and A Lot More to Go

Last night’s gym trip led to 1,000 calories burned.  My daily goal is to reach the 500-600 mark and then once a week I want to hit the 1,000 mark.  This consisted of about 2.5 miles on the elliptical, 4.5 mile spin, a short jog and few other cool down exercises.

I knew that once I was able to get back into a real gym that I would become more motivated than using the at home exercise equipment that I have.  It’s tough to focus on exercising like a beast when your bike is in the same room as your home office, which you spend about 8-10 hours a day in working from.

I also know that the weight loss isn’t going to come from just exercising, but the calorie intake needs to be lowered as well.  Last night’s dinner was a Tombstone oven baked pizza.  The pizza has 4 servings, typically, Amanda will eat one serving, and I will eat the remainder of the pizza.  Well, last night I decided that I will only eat 1.5 servings and eat a salad along with it and drink a few more glasses of water.  I must say, I felt fine after eating half of the portion that I would normally eat.

It is amazing how much better you feel, how much more energy, and how much more motivation you have just from a few days of working out and eating better.  The past few months I have been going to bed at 10:30 – 11 and several of my side projects have been effected by this….not to mention this blog.

I am strong believer that you don’t learn from failures, you learn from successes.  When you fail, you just learn what not to do, but you still haven’t learned what to do yet.  However, when you succeed, you learn what it takes to succeed, so you continue to do it.  That is how the past couple of days have felt with the diet and exercise.

Learn from your success and continue with it.